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Upcoming Events 



Friday, March 17th 



Ascetic? What does that mean? And how is this word even pronounced? Sometimes it is referred to as practicing self-denial, but in this Catalyst we will discuss it in the sense of wanting nothing more than to be left alone in prayer and the practices surrounding silence and solitude. 

Join us for worship, testimony sharing, an opportunity to briefly practice silence and solitude, and, of course, snacks. 


Mystery Retreat 

Friday April 21st @ 6PM 


Sunday, April 23rd @ 5PM  

Bethel Youth's Mystery Retreat is an exciting opportunity for teens to travel around in minivans to three (or more) locations in Alberta.

The mystery is that the youth have no clue where they will be going. Parents are given an itinerary when they drop off their teen(s) on April 21 (available beforehand by request) and are asked not to share ANY DETAILS with their teen(s).

The joy of this retreat is that youth get to spend time with their youth leaders in smaller groups in their minivan as they drive to each location, but also enjoy service projects, hearing testimonies of people around Alberta, and enjoy fun activities as a group.

Cost: $95/person (includes rental vans, accomodations, food, and activities for the weekend). 

Registration for this retreat closes Friday, April 14, 2023. 

Registration NOW OPEN 

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