Finding Refuge in God in the Midst of Isolation 


Title: I Cried Out to God for Help 

Date: November 13, 2020 

Challenge: Read through Lamentations in one sitting (20-30 minutes). As you read, note how Jeremiah moves back and forth between plea and praise. 

Grow Deeper Challenge: While reading Lamentations, use two different colours to underline or highlight where you read pleas and praise. Write down or underline any verse(s) or phrase(s) that stood out to you the most. Consider what these verses or the whole of Lamentations is trying to tell God’s people.

Title: His Love Endures Forever 

Date: November 27, 2020 

Challenge: Each day, write down a sentence or two in your journal about where you have seen God’s hesed (lovingkindness) as you go about your day. If this is difficult for you, ask a trusted friend how they’ve witnessed God at work in your life.

Grow Deeper Challenge: Ask a family member or friend about a moment in their life where they have seen God’s lovingkindness at work.

Title: Hear My Voice 

Date: December 11, 2020 

Challenge: Read Psalm 139 and meditate on the fact that you are intimately known by your Creator.

Grow Deeper Challenge: Write down how God has shown you that he sees and hears you. If this is difficult, ask God to reveal this to you and continue to meditate Psalm 139 a few times throughout the week. 

Title: How Long? 

Date: January 15, 2020 

Challenge: Each day jot down an ekah (a how question directed to God). Feel free to throw in your where, why, or any other question you have for God in this season. 

Grow Deeper Challenge: Consider the ekah’s of others in your community or around the world. What are some of the questions they may have for God?

Title: Have Mercy 

Date: January 29, 2020 

Challenge: Each day, write down a confession or prayer of repentance to God.

Grow Deeper Challenge: Write down one or more ekahs (how question) that questions a state of suffering you have felt that has no explanation.

Title: My Soul is Downcast 

Date: February 12, 2020 

Challenge: Each day write down one plea and one praise. It is alright if you have a difficult time thinking of one for each or if you write down the same plea or praise each time.

Grow Deeper Challenge: Ask a family member or friend: What is one thing you desire to do, see, or experience that hasn’t been able to happen since the pandemic? What have you grown more appreciative of because of the pandemic?  

Title: He Will Save 

Date: February 26, 2020 

Challenge: Read Our World Belongs to God (click here to access online) – there are 10 sections, so you can read a section or half a section each day. In each section, consider how the knowledge of God’s sovereignty over our world may turn your sorrow to praise. 

Grow Deeper Challenge: Write down anything you are still questioning (i.e. continue the practice of writing ekahs). Share these questions with a trusted friend or mentor.

Title: Justice 

Date: March 12, 2020 

Challenge: Ask God to lay someone or a group of people on your heart for which to pray for. If it is someone for whom you don’t know much about, seek to hear their story. If you are listening to a friend, don’t rush to fix their problem. Just listen, learn, and be present with them. Humbly acknowledge any biases and/or privilege you might have. Each day consider how you might love others as you lament with and for them.

Grow Deeper Challenge: Before the next Catalyst, write out a communal lament prayer. Share this prayer with a friend or post it on social media (tag @bethelcrcyouth or #bethelyouthlament).

Title: They Conspire 

Date: March 26, 2020 

Challenge: Each day write a short (one sentence) prayer for an enemy. It can be someone you have fought with lately or you can pray more generally for anyone or system that causes oppression.

Grow Deeper Challenge: Talk to a trusted friend or mentor about the enemy you are facing. Consider what it would mean to love this enemy.

Title: Curse 

Date: April 16, 2020 

Challenge: If you are currently feeling like cursing someone or have felt like this in the past, go through the self-examination questions:

  1. Are we tearing this person down because we are not getting what we want?

  2. Are we actually witnessing something that God himself hates?

  3. Is this godly anger at the injustice and sin in the world?

  4. Do we harbour ungodly hate for this person or people group?

  5. What part have we played in this conflict? What is my role?

  6. Where do we need to ask God – or this person that we are cursing – for forgiveness?

You may have to do this process more than once throughout the week.

Grow Deeper Challenge: Consider how you may approach this person differently after the self-examination process. If you still feel like cursing, talk to a trusted adult to help you.

Title: Though They Forsake Me 

Date: April 30, 2020 

Challenge: If you don’t already have one, take some time this week to identify a spiritual mentor – someone to whom you look up to when it comes to their faith journey. If you have someone in mind, reach out to them through a phone call, message, or email and ask them to help you dive deeper into your relationship with God or help you work through any doubts you may have about God. If no one comes to mind, talk to your Tribe leader.

Grow Deeper Challenge: Share a picture of your spiritual mentor or someone who is always there for you and share what they mean to you. If posting it on social media you can tag @bethelcrcyouth. 

Title: Silence 

Date: May 14, 2020 

Challenge: Each day for the next two weeks (or longer if you wish) pray, “God, if you’re real, make yourself real to me?” Write down some ways that you might like God to answer. It may be a way that he has revealed himself to you in the past, an image or a word that connects to your heart, or anything else that comes to mind. Be patient.

Grow Deeper Challenge: Post on social media about how you have seen God throughout this Catalyst series (tag @bethelcrcyouth or #bethelyouthlament).