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Bethel Youth meets every other week for our Catalyst Bible study.

Our 2020-21 resources will be available in September 2020. 

One of the most popular Bible apps. I highly recommend it. They have many different devotionals on a variety of topics, including audio or video devotionals. 

The Bible Project has a variety of videos and Bible study resources to coincide with your Scripture reading. They also release a free weekly email subscription where you can sign up to receive a video, Scripture reading, and discussion questions each week. 

This app for Apple or Android is a simple way to intentionally pause and connect with God in the middle of your busy day.

RightNow Media is an online, user-friendly library for individuals in every age and stage of life.
With RightNow Media, you will find an array of wonderful, Bible-based content for all ages from churches and pastors around the globe. You’ll find discipleship training videos ranging from topics such as parenting and marriage to finance and mission, and a great library for kids. These resources are relevant for all age groups and spiritual seasons and can be streamed directly to your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Use the resource (pictured right) for a year long youth personal Bible study or search RightNow Media by category, topic, or speaker. 

2020-2021 Youth Bible Study RoadMap for
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