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Bethel Youth and Parents, 
We are here for you. Our Youth Pastor, Melanie Wright, and our youth leaders are praying for you and are available to pray with you, to chat through tough life circumstances, or to share a laugh with. However, we know that we are not experts and have, therefore, put together resources in the pages linked below.
Our mental, physical, and spiritual health share a close connection with one another. If one area is in unhealth, we feel it all other areas. We have chosen to separate these into the three categories as a reminder that we need to be caring for each of these areas equally.
Parents, we hope that you look through all of the health resources as well as the link designated for parents which holds additional articles, webpages, and discipleship resources for you and your family. And if you have come across any resources that you have found helpful, please email them to Melanie ( so they can be shared with others through this page. 

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