Bethel Youth is the Youth Ministry of Bethel Community Church in Edmonton, Alberta.
Bethel's Mission is "Becoming like Christ, Sharing Him with Others"

At Bethel Youth we seek to do the same focusing on: 

Communion: Walking with Christ. 
Community: Loving one another. 
Calling: Impacting the world. 


Through mentoring relationship and organic programming, 
Bethel Youth encourages students on their path towards spiritual maturity


Plot (Summer Drop-in) 
Summer Sports Camps 
Fall Holy Spirit Retreat 


Youth Worship & Creative Arts
Tribe (Small Group) Nights 
Youth Leadership 


Spring Serve Retreat 
Youth Missions - Local, National,

Serve Nights 
Community Events 
Profession of Faith & Baptism

Every Friday Night between September and June we alternate between two programs:

What is Catalyst?
Catalyst is defined as, "a person or event that quickly causes change or action.” Catalyst is about putting your faith into action through discipleship with a strong emphasis on engaging the scriptures. During the evening we come together for worship before splitting into groups called Tribes  (JR Girls, JR Guys, SR Girls, SR Guys) where you can have some fun with your Tribe Leader and discuss a passage of scripture. It’s a mixture of real-life faith and life-shaping relationships.
What is Outlet?
Outlet is a place where Junior and Senior Highs can grow in their relationships with God and each other. Outlet is focused on building Christ-like community through games, activities, and outings. During Outlet we could be playing dodgeball or board games, watching a movie, staying up all night playing games, or checking out the Edmonton Corn Maze, Launchpad, or Laser Quest. 

We have the following programs during the summer: 

What is Plot?
Plot, like Outlet, is focused on building Christ-like community in a casual atmosphere. Plot stands for "parking lot" and is hosted in Bethel's parking lot on Tuesday during July and August. We play various games, eat popsicles, and enjoy the warm weather while we've got it. ​​
​Basketball & Soccer Camp
Basketball and Soccer Camps run for one week during the month of July or August. This is an opportunity for preteens and teens (Ages 10-15) in our church and community to learn skills in basketball and/or soccer while also building friendships and exploring faith.
During the year we also have a Fall and Spring Retreat, a Missions Trip to Mexico (for students Grade 9-12), and various other activities. Due to international restrictions due to Covid-19, a Missions Trip to Mexico is doubtful in 2022. A Missions Trip within Canada or the USA is being explored. Check out our calendar under "Upcoming" or contact Doug ( for more information.